Concrete Icon - Reign of Anguish MMXXII CD

Concrete Icon - Reign of Anguish MMXXII CD
Concrete Icon - Reign of Anguish MMXXII CD

Concrete Icon - Reign of Anguish MMXXII CD

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CONCRETE ICON – Reign Of Anguish MMXXII ”Ten years ago in 2012, we released our first EP, Where The Horns Reign, which was limited to 100 copies on pro cdr via a digipak on a small label from Spain. We didn’t really take too much time on analyzing the sound of the EP which we thought was fine and we were just pumped to have it out in some form as we were finally having what we thought was a solid line-up. At that point we had been playing as a tight unit for 3 years.

Later in the same year, the line-up started to fall apart once again with the first drummer quitting. Luckily, we managed to solve this quickly and began rehearsing for our debut album. Around autumn our lead guitarist also quit, and again, we were fortunate as all we needed to do was make one phone call and that situation was solved and onwards we marched. The album started to shape up nicely with the new guys in the fold and as soon as 2013 arrived we were ready to hit the studio. Back then we thought we were on a schedule so as soon as the recordings were done, we had it mixed pretty quickly and handed it over to our Swedish label at the time. Our process was pretty fast back then leaving no room for second guessing. The album artwork was done by a person close to the band and the layout was handled by us with no proper skills. The album, entitled Perennial Anguish, released in 2013 also in pro cdr form with no proper booklet, just a card which was kinda disappointing, but as I expressed before, we were pumped to just have it out and didn’t have time to waste for label shopping. As time went by we found ourselves thinking many times we should have spent more time on the mix of the album than what we did back then.

So when the opportunity came up with our current label Redefining Darkness to finally bring these early releases to a wider audience in a form they deserve, we of course jumped on it! Fittingly, it marks the 10-year anniversary for both releases! Our studio guy Artturi managed to dig up all the old files from their ancient crypts and remix those old corpses. I have to say now they sound the way they should have sounded the first time around but, hey, we were young and impatient back then (at least I was haha). So, hereby we represent the fresh versions of the old recordings Where The Horns Reign EP and Perennial Anguish album here under their new title Reign Of Anguish MMXXII.

New sounds, new artworks, old songs! I hope you enjoy this release as much as we do!

Summer 2022 – Jake / Concrete Icon All songs remixed and mastered by Artturi Laukkanen at his underground studio in Kaarina, Finland April-May 2022. All music by Jake except *music by Jake & Kipi All lyrics by Jake All arrangements by Concrete Icon Cover art by JON and tray art by Argy (greywinter_)

Tracks 1-8: Jake – Vocals / Guitar TK – Bass Kride – Guitar Sami – Drums Tracks 1-8 originally released as ”Perennial Anguish” album in 2013. Recorded at Noise Camp studios, Turku Finland in Feb-March 2013 Recorded by Artturi Laukkanen Track 5. Guest Vocals by Iiro (Atretic Intestine/Cumbeast/Cryogenocide) Tracks 9-12: Jake – Vocals / Guitar TK – Bass Kipi – Guitar Mace – Drums Tracks

9-12 originally released as ”Where The Horns Reign” EP in 2012 Recorded at Noise Camp Vaha-Heikkila studios, Turku Finland in Dec. 2011 Recorded by Artturi Laukkanen.

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